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Instructions for Oral Presentations

With the AgriVoltaics2020 Conference coming closer, we would like to give you instructions on how to prepare and upload your oral presentation. Please make sure to read this carefully and follow the instructions.

AgriVoltaics2020 will take place in Perpignan.
Probably not all authors will be able to travel to France due to travel or other restrictions. Therefore, we will, in addition, provide an online platform where all presentations can be accessed. For you as a speaker, this means that you will need to record your presentation in advance and upload it to our system, to make sure that all presentations are available online. If you attend on site, you will of course be asked to hold your presentation live. If you cannot attend, the video of your presentation will be played at the conference. Giving your presentation live online will not be possible for technical reasons.



Presentation time and schedule:

  • The detailed program showing the time and place of your session can be found on the conference website. A printed program will be handed out during the registration on-site.
  • Regular oral presentations are 15 min including 3 minutes of discussion time (12+3 min). Please make sure to strictly keep this time limit.
    (Presentation times for extended orals deviate from that. Please check the conference program for you speaking time.)

Formatting instructions:

  • Presentations in .ppt format, .pptx format and .pdf format will be accepted. If you have created your presentation in Apple .ppt, please test it on a Windows PC to ensure that it displays correctly.
  • Avoid any external links in your presentation. The presentation computers do not have an internet connection.
  • Non-standard fonts should be embedded.
  • All pictures and graphs must be embedded without links.
  • Experience shows that video films often cause problems. If you plan to use video films, please check them on the computers atthe registration/media desk at least one hour before your session starts.


Instructions for videos:

  • The video should not be longer than 12 minutes(MP4 format).
    (Presentation times for extended orals deviate from that. Please check the instruction e-mail you received.)
  • We strongly recommend using Power Point to record your speech. You may record your ppt slides together with audio explanations. Optional, you may additionally use your webcam and film yourself in the lower-right corner of your presentation. Please find an office tutorial here.
    If you are more familiar with another tool to record the video, you are of course welcome to use this to create the MP4 file.


Presentation upload:

  • All Power Point and video files need to be uploaded by September 28.
    You will receive upload instructions in time.

  • You will not be able to display your presentation directly from your laptop computer or memory stick. All presentations must be uploaded to the conference system in advance.

  • On-Site: Please meet your session chairs inside the conference room at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of your oral session and familiarize yourself with the technical equipment. For help on-site please contact the registration/media desk.


Imprint & Data Protection

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Dates and Deadlines

Start Online Registration: July 15, 2020
End of Early Bird: August 12, 2020
Poster/Presentation Upload: by September 28
Paper Upload: by October 16
AgriVoltaics 2020: October 14-16, 2020


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