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Instructions for Posters

With the AgriVoltaics2020 Conference coming closer, we would like to give you instructions on how to prepare and upload your poster for the conference.

AgriVoltaics2020 will take place in Perpignan.
Probably not all authors will be able to travel to France due to travel or other restrictions. Therefore, we will, in addition, provide an online platform where all presentations can be accessed. For you as a poster presenter, this means that you will need to upload your poster as PDF file. In addition, you may record a video with explanations to your poster and upload it as well. Both files will then be available online for all participants.
If you attend on site, please bring a printed copy of your poster to the conference so you will be able to present it live. If you cannot attend, the video with your explanations will be played at the conference.


Poster layout:

  • Your poster should be upright/portrait style with a maximum size of DIN A0 format – width: max. 84 cm (33 inches), height: max. 119 cm (47 inches).
  • Please make sure that letters are sufficiently large to be read from a distance of 1-3 m.

Poster mounting (only applicable if you will be able to attend in person):

  • You are responsible for printing your poster in advance and for putting it up at the conference. It is not possible to print posters at the conference site.
  • Please mount your poster on Wednesday, October 14, before the poster session.
  • Mounting material will be provided.
  • Please do not remove your poster before the end of the conference. The posters are an important part of the scientific program and should be displayed the whole time.
  • Please remove your poster directly after the closing session at the latest. Posters remaining after the conference will be discarded.
  • A sign on each poster wall will indicate the author’s name, poster title, and poster number. If you have difficulties finding “your” poster board at the conference site, please contact one of our staff members and we will be happy to assist you.

Instructions for videos:

  • The video should not be longer than 4 minutes (MP4 format).
  • We strongly recommend using Power Point to record your speech. You may record your poster file or some ppt slides together with audio explanations. Optional, you may additionally use your webcam and film yourself in the lower-right corner of your presentation. Please find an office tutorial here.
    If you are more familiar with another tool to record the video, you are of course welcome to use this to create the MP4 file.

File upload:

  • All poster and video files need to be uploaded by September 28.
    You will receive upload instructions in time.


Imprint & Data Protection

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Dates and Deadlines

Start Online Registration: July 15, 2020
End of Early Bird: August 12, 2020
Poster/Presentation Upload: by September 28
Paper Upload: by October 16
AgriVoltaics 2020: October 14-16, 2020


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