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Instructions for Oral Presentations

With the AgriVoltaics 2021 getting closer, we would like to give you instructions on how to prepare your oral presentation.

We will provide an Online Conference Platform on which the AgriVoltaics2021 conference will take place.

You may find your speaking slot and time in the online conference program. (Please note that all mentioned times on the website are in CEST!).

You may give your presentation live or pre-recorded.


1. Live Presentation

You are asked to hold your presentation at AgriVoltaics2021 live.

Regular oral presentations are 15 minutes including 5 minutes of discussion time (10+5 min). Please make sure to strictly keep this time limit.
(Presentation times for extended orals deviate from that. Please check the conference program for your speaking time.)

Your conference session will be held as a ZOOM webinar.
A staff member from PSE will start the webinar and technically host it. Please dial in at least 15 min prior to the start of your session to make sure there is still time for a technical check. To be on the safe side, you may also dial in 30 min earlier. Before the session starts, we will test your video, audio and screen sharing and go through the procedure of the session and the Q&A.

You are asked to have your presentation slides handy and to hold your presentation live with screen sharing. Right after the talk there will be time for questions from the audience. The session chairs will moderate the discussion.


2. Video Presentations

If you cannot hold your presentation live (e.g. due to unstable internet connection, inconvenient time zone etc.), you also have the option to record and upload your talk beforehand. The conference organizer will then stream your video instead.

You are still asked to be logged in and to be available during the entire session when your presentation is scheduled, since there will be live Q&As after each presentation. You will receive an invitation to join the ZOOM webinar, in time.

Instructions for video and PDF files:

  • The video should be in mp4 format and not be longer than 10 minutes.
    (Presentation times for keynotes and extended orals deviate from that. Please check the conference program for you speaking time.)
  • We recommend making your video by recording your ppt slides together with audio explanations, using PowerPoint (Microsoft Office) to record your speech. Additionally, you have the option to use your webcam and add a recording of yourself in the lower-right corner of your presentation. Please find an Office tutorial here.
    If you are more familiar with other video recording tools, you are of course welcome to use those to create the mp4 file.
  • You are welcome also to upload the PDF version of the ppt slides you have used in your video presentation; it will be made available in the Internal Area of the website to participants only.
  • We recommend that you not include your email address in the PDF file to prevent unsolicited emails.


Presentation upload:

  • If you do not hold your presentation live, it must be pre-recorded and uploaded as mp4 video file plus, optionally, the PDF file, by Friday, June 4 at the latest.
  • Once the presentation upload is open, you will receive a personal upload link by email.
  • Please note that consent for publication for both the video presentation (and the optional PDF slides) must be given during the upload.


3. Briefing

You will receive an invitation for a briefing beforehand. Please join one of the briefings offered! You may also test screen sharing during that briefing. These briefings will be held on June 8 and 10, at 10 am and 4 pm CEST. You will be sent an invitation and login data in early June.

If you are not familiar with holding an online talk with screen sharing at all and you prefer to get a private briefing, please let us know. We are happy to assist.



On-demand availability of content after the conference:

After the conference, the presentations and Q&A sessions will be available for streaming-on-demand on the Online Conference Platform for several weeks. This content and the PDF files will also be available in the Internal Area of the conference website for a longer time.


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Dates and Deadlines

Deadline for Full Papers: June 16, 2021
AgriVoltaics 2021: June 14-16, 2021
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