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Welcome to AgriVoltaics2021!

At the first world congress on agrivoltaic systems, AgriVoltaics2020, more than over 350 participants from 38 countries proved the relevance of this interdisciplinary research topic. After this great success, I am glad to welcome you to the second edition: AgriVoltaics2021.

It all traces back to 1981, the year I was born. Adolf Goetzberger founded the Fraunhofer ISE and proposed, together with his colleague Armin Zastrow, for the first time the concept of agrivoltaics. At first glance, the idea looks simple: Elevating photovoltaic modules to maintain the land below for agriculture. Still, for more than two decades, agrivoltaics remained an unproven concept. First prototypes had to wait until photovoltaics developed into a mature technology. Today, 40 years later, we see agrivoltaics entering the markets in many regions of the world with systems and approaches of great diversity. Just as agriculture is. ...

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Call for Abstracts

Take the opportunity to present your most recent findings and ideas at AgriVoltaics2021 and submit an abstract!

The length of the abstract (PDF) may not exceed 2 pages. The template is available here >>

The submission deadline is February 05, 2021!

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About AgriVoltaics

Agrivoltaics combines the agricultural use of land with the production of electric energy by photovoltaics. It provides solutions for production of food crop and, at the same time, electricity generation under consideration of soil protection and water savings.

AgriVoltaics 2021 is aiming to connect the scientific community and promote international exchange to advance systems and technology. It will cover all aspects, from science to application, reflecting the wide thematic range. The program will comprise scientific presentations, chosen from a reviewing process, and invited high-level keynote talks.

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AgriVoltaics2020 Website

AgriVoltaics was sucessfully launched in October 2020.
Access the website on:

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Dates and Deadlines

Abstract Deadline: February 05, 2021
Notification of Acceptance: March/April 2021
Start of Online Registration: March 2021
Deadline for Full Papers: June 16, 2021
AgriVoltaics 2021: June 14-16, 2021
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