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Welcome to AgriVoltaics2020 - Launching Agrivoltaics World-wide

Thank you for attending AgriVoltaics2020!

The first edition of the AgriVoltaics conference was a huge success: Over 350 participants from 38 countries joined the online event and proved the significance of this interdisciplinary research topic. Thank you to all presenters and participants for their inspiring input and for sharing their findings! Your great contributions made this conference lively and valuable. A big thank you also to all sponsors who helped to make this conference possible!

Once more, it became clear how important exchange is. Three days of intensive discussion, questions and ideas was not enough. We are looking forward to continuing this in 2021 in Freiburg, Germany!

Save the date in your calendar now: June 14-16, 2021

Keep motivated, stay safe and healthy!


Virtual Conference Platform

All registered participants may now enter the Virtual Conference Platform! Please use the login and passord you received before.

Registration still open!

All presentations are available on demand by November 15. You may still register to get access.

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Full Paper Submission

The deadline for full paper submission has been extended to October 26!

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About AgriVoltaics

Agrivoltaics combines the agricultural use of land with the production of electric energy by photovoltaics. It provides solutions for production of food crop and, at the same time, electricity generation under consideration of soil protection and water savings.

Time has come to connect the scientific community and promote international exchange to advance systems and technology.

AgriVoltaics2020 will cover all aspects, from science to application, reflecting the wide thematic range. The program will comprise scientific presentations, chosen from a reviewing process, and invited high-level keynote talks. An exhibition and a technical tour to installations, from innovative test facilities to best practice, will supplement the program.
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Welcome to AgriVoltaics2020,
the 1st world congress on agrivoltaic systems

Energy or food from agricultural land? Why should we have to choose? Couldn’t we combine both types of production on the same land to capture the most of the solar energy and advance the energy transition to sustainable energy production, while feeding the ever increasing world population?

Is it feasible and if so, how? Those are the key challenges that agrivoltaic systems address, and AgriVoltaics2020 will be the first ever opportunity to the message >>


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Dates and Deadlines

Start Online Registration: July 15, 2020
End of Early Bird: August 12, 2020
Poster/Presentation Upload: by September 28
Paper Upload: by October 26
AgriVoltaics 2020: October 14-16, 2020


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