Álvaro Fernández Solas (University of Jaén, Spain)


Álvaro Fernández Solas is a FPU researcher at the Center for Advanced Studies in Earth Science, Energy and Environment of the University of Jaén (UJA). He studied industrial engineering at UJA, and received his M.Sc., in 2019. As a visiting researcher, he joined the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). His PhD thesis has addressed the issue of soiling in PV, and he has published several papers in peer-reviewed journals in that topic. Currently, he is focused on the field of agrivoltaics in both open and closed systems. He participates in the "Agrivoltaics subtask" of the IEA Task 13. He is also member of other scientific societies, such as the PVQAT working group and the COST Actions “PearlPV” and “NEXUSNET”.