Christian Dupraz (INRAE, France)


Christian Dupraz is involved in agrivoltaics research since 2009, when he designed the first crop / photovoltaic panels dual system prototype in Europe and named it as "agrivoltaics". He chaired the first Agrivoltaics Conference in 2020. He is Director of Research at INRAE, the French National Institute for Agronomical and Environmental Research, and is based at Montpellier University. He is currently the Editor in Chief of the “Agroforestry Systems” Journal. As an agronomist, Christian is focussing on the resilience of agricultural systems facing climate change, and both agroforestry and agrivoltaics are part of the solution. Christian was the founding President of the European Agroforestry Federation (EURAF) and of the International Union of Agroforestry (IUAF).

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