Eduardo F. Fernandez (University of Jaén, Spain), Spain)


Dr. Eduardo F. Fernandez is currently Ramon y Cajal Researcher and Head of the Research Group ‘‘Advances in Photovoltaic Technology (AdPVTech)” at the CEACTEMA of the University of Jaén (Spain). Dr. Fernández has more than 10 years of experience in the field of PV working in several prestigious institutions worldwide as PV product developer, research assistant, postdoctoral researcher, and nowadays, as head researcher. During this time, Dr. Fernández has participated in more than 20 research projects, been principal investigator in more than 10, has published over 120 peer-review papers indexed in ISI JCR, presented above 100 work in the most relevant international conferences and workshops, as well as multiple book contributions in prestigious international editorials within the field of PV. Dr. Fernández has also been member of more than 10 academic and scientific societies, such the IEA Task 13 (ST2.2 Agrivoltaics), PVQAT working group or PEARLPV and NEXUSNET Cost Actions.