Natalie Hanrieder (German Aerospace Center DLR - Institute for Solar Research, Spain)


Dr.rer.nat. Natalie Hanrieder (she/her) is an atmospheric research scientist at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) within the Institute for Solar Research located in Almería, Southern Spain. She studied Physics and Meteorology at the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich (Germany) and received a M.Sc. in 2012. At DLR, she received a PhD in the field of Solar Energy Meteorology in 2016. As a visiting researcher she joined the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the Barcelona Supercomputing Center. She focuses on the meteorological influences on solar power applications as well as Agrivoltaic research questions. Natalie Hanrieder participates in the international expert group "Subtask Agrivoltaics" of the Task 13 Programme of the IEA. She has experience in research projects acquisition and management (national as well as international projects), is responsible for a meteorological measurement station network in Northern Africa and the Middle East and gave several lectures on Energy Meteorology, meteorological measurements and data quality control methods to support a capacity building programme focusing on the MENA region and India.