AgriVoltaics World Conference

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Gold Sponsors

REM Tec is a French-Italian company with more than 11 years of experience in the field of agrivoltaics, having built the worldwide first large scale plants in Italy in 2011, which are still in operation. The Agrovoltaico® technologies developed by REM Tec allow to manage the shadow on the crops allowing optimized production of agriculture and energy. The technologies comprise solar trackers, single or double axis, and a fixed suspended system with a minimal footprint.

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Organic Electronic Technologies (OET) is a cutting-edge high-tech company with over 30 years of experience in thin film technologies and is a world leader in producing Flexible Semitransparent Organic Photovoltaics (OPVs) using R2R manufacturing processes. OET OPV panels are notable for its high transparency (20-50%) and uniformity, making it ideal for the Agrivoltaics market. The semitransparent OPV's outstanding performance and cost-effectiveness, along with OET's commitment to sustainability, provide a greener alternative to traditional energy solutions. OET's OPV panel is a groundbreaking product that sets a new standard for simultaneous agricultural and energy solutions, making it a game-changer for Sustainable Farming practices.

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RWE is leading the way to a green energy world. With an extensive investment and growth strategy, the company will expand its powerful, green generation capacity to 50 gigawatts internationally by 2030. RWE is investing more than €50 billion gross for this purpose in this decade. The portfolio is based on offshore and onshore wind, solar, hydrogen, batteries, biomass, and gas. The company has locations in the attractive markets of Europe, North America, and the Asia-Pacific region. RWE employs around 19,000 people worldwide and has a clear target: to get to net zero by 2040.

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SolarEdge is a global leader in smart energy technology. By leveraging world-class engineering capabilities and with a relentless focus on innovation, SolarEdge creates smart energy solutions that power our lives and drive future progress, addressing a broad range of energy market segments through its PV, storage, EV charging, UPS, and grid services solutions.

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Bronze Sponsors

As a pioneer in agrivoltaics, Sun'Agri responds to climate change emergency by providing farmers with an innovation that sustainably improves their production while generating solar energy. Dynamic agrivoltaics allows farmers to combine farming and solar louvers without conflict of use and without reducing cultivable land. The louvers are controlled according to the physiological needs of the plant.

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Online Sponsors

The Kelfield Group is a project developer for renewable energy, based in Poland. Being the Polish Center for Agrophotovoltaics (APV), the Kelfield Group is developing more than 100MW in APV and 70MW of Wind turbines, with an increasing development pipeline all over Poland. Next to APV and Wind, Kelfield brings together Energy Storage, Hydrogen possibilities and PPA agreements. We also support farmers in green and carbon neutral farming, to ensure sustainable and climate friendly farming. We base our work on experience, knowledge, and a valuable network. Kelfield - Renewables with passion!

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Next2Sun has set itself the goal of offering solutions for the energy transition with a new installation concept: The basic concept of vertically installed, bifacial solar modules shifts solar power production to times of usually low availability and avoids the overbuilding of agricultural land. For the success of the energy transition, this means fewer conflicts of use, better coverage of electricity demand and lower storage requirements. Next2Sun has developed a wide range of products based on the vertical bifacial system technology and the patented frame system developed for it, and brought them to market maturity, in particular the vertical bifacial Agri-PV system and the bifacial solar fence.  As a result, Next2Sun today offers solutions for a variety of applications for the agricultural, public, commercial and private sectors as a multi-award-winning market and technology leader.

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