Alexis Pascaris (AgriSolar Consulting, United States of America)


Alexis Pascaris is the Founding Director of AgriSolar Consulting, a small woman-owned company that advances agrivoltaic research and development in the U.S. She is a social scientist and policy specialist working across academia, industry, and non-governmental organizations to address socio-political barriers for agrivoltaics. Alexis earned a Master of Science in Environmental & Energy Policy from Michigan Technological University where she completed her graduate thesis, “The Social Dimensions of a Technological Innovation: Agrivoltaics in the U.S.” Combining academic rigor with industry experience, Pascaris' work involves using stakeholder engagement to inform innovative policies and best practices for agrivoltaics. Her personal mission is to promote synergies between solar & agriculture to enhance community resilience, farm viability, and achieve our renewable energy goals.