SUS.AV.I Student Award

In the framework of the AgriVoltaics2022, the UNICATT and REM Tec honored the two best student projects submitted under the Sustainable Agrivoltaic Integration Challenge with the SUS.AV.I student award. The winners were:


  • Winning project: "The Agrivoltaic Park: A Climate-smart Practice Meets the Human Scale"
    Group members: Joao Paulo Freitas Geronimi (leader), Jiayi Zhang, Tianyu Jiang, Huichuan Zhang & Miao Shen
  • Runner-Up: "SYMBIOSIS"
    Group Members: Eirini Chatzistavropoulou (leader), Eugenia Cicero, Sofia Theodoridou & Styliani Koukosoula


Research and development on AVs have increased steadily in recent years to address the questions: "How is crop production affected under PV panels?" and "How can energy and food production be co-optimised on the same land?" Beneath solar PV panels, crop production can increase, decrease or remain unaltered depending on the crop species, the design of the PV system and local environmental conditions. The design is particularly important when considering social acceptance, one of the main bottlenecks of AVs, and the successful integration of AVs in the landscape. The main aim of this challenge is to design innovative AV systems that integrate the advantages of AV technologies seamlessly with the surrounding landscape.


In order to achieve this, the core idea of SUS.AV.I is based on a new vision of AV as not only being environmentally and economically sustainable but also representing a resource for the community where it is inserted, following a broader take on the idea of ecosystem value. In this context, the final objective of the projects was to design and detail a rendering for the AV plant that will be built at the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore (UCSC), campus of Piacenza. The competition was intended for students who are interested in making a contribution in the field of PV integration, sustainable urban agriculture and landscape design.


More information and the 2022 submission guidelines can be found here. The file attachments for the 2022 award can be downloaded here.

Agrovoltaico® Iga plant (Japan), NOTUS SOLAR
Agrovoltaico® Iga plant (Japan), NOTUS SOLAR