Paper Publication: How to Avoid Common Errors

Dear authors,


Before you upload the revised versions of your papers, please be sure that the following formatting issues are taken into account:


1. The header should be filled in:

  • Conference name: AgriVoltaics 2023
  • Session Title: "category of the paper according to the program"


*If you forgot in which session was your presentation, you can download our 2023 program and check it.


2. All important elements should be present:

  • Header above the title of the paper
  • Data availability statement
  • Author contributions
  • Competing interests


3. Following formatting issues need to be checked:

  • Indents
  • Spacing
  • Justification


4. Following non-text elements should be numbered, centered (use the same font type for all of them):

  • Figures
  • Tables
  • Equations


5. List of references should be formatted taking into account:

  • No reference linking;
  • Correct numbering
  • No italics/bold/etc font
  • Where necessary date of access and/or DOIs are provided


The word template file can be found on the right. >>>


NB! Papers which are not formatted according to the template will not be accepted by the publisher.