Conference Topics 2023


Agrivoltaics systems
  • System assessment and performance indicators
  • System models and simulation
  • Decision support systems
  • Multi objective optimization methods


The management of agriculture production under photovoltaic panels
  • Plant and crop physiology (Shade tolerance, crop adaptation to agrivoltaics systems)
  • Crop growth models (to simulate crop response to agrivoltaic environments)
  • Selection of species and varieties (and crop rotations) suitable for agrivoltaics
  • Plant response to biotic and abiotic stress under PV panels
  • Management and protection of soil
  • Water management, rain harvest, water storage and irrigation
  • Genotype x Management x Environment interaction in agrivoltaics
  • Livestock management


Technical aspects
  • Data sharing and analytics
  • PV panels for agrivoltaics (bifacial, thin-film, organic PV, lead-free perovskite, spectral splitting, CPV...)
  • Agrivoltaics mounting systems and geometries (row distances, vertical clearances, PV row width, trackers etc.)
  • Solar radiation assessment
  • Shadowing ratios
  • Case studies, best-practice technologies
  • Smart farming and artificial intelligence modelling and solutions


Environmental, legal and socio-economic aspects
  • Economics of agrivoltaics and business models
  • Legal framework of agrivoltaics
  • Environmental impact
  • Multiple ecosystem services and agrivoltaics
  • Water Food Energy Nexus analysis
  • Agrivoltaics in public policies
  • Quality assurance and standardization, safety
  • Social acceptance
  • Agrivoltaics promotion and dissemination
  • Ethics of agrivoltaics
  • Potential analysis
  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emission (methan)