AgriVoltaics World Conference

Agrivoltaics Design Competition & Award

The AgriVoltaics World Conference 2024 Student Design Competition aims to inspire students to think creatively and holistically about energy integration across rural and urban landscapes. The purpose of this competition is to provide students an opportunity to develop innovate agrivoltaic design concepts that address community sustainability challenges across the food-energy-water nexus. The final goal of this Competition is to design a compelling agrivoltaic solution for one of three locations based in Colorado, USA:

  1. Denver County, Colorado (5 acres / 2 Hectares max project size)
    Urban Agriculture, Social Impacts, Optimizing Urban Land Use
  2. Mesa County, Colorado (20 acres / 8.1 Hectares max project size)
    Orchards & Vineyards, Agritourism, Food Energy Water Nexus
  3. Weld County, CO (500 acres / 202 hectares max project size)
    Commodity Crop Farming, Cattle Grazing, Land Tracts of Land

Projects will address the 5 C’s of Agrivoltaic Success: Climate, Configuration, Crops/Cultivation, Compatibility, Collaboration

Winners receive cash prize!

More information about the competition, application, and review process can be found here.