AgriVoltaics World Conference

Welcome to the AgriVoltaics World Conference 2024!

The AgriVoltaics World Conference, now in its 5th year and spanning all five continents, provides high-level scientific exchange and great networking opportunities. It unites the global community working on dual-use solutions in the belief that agrivoltaics at multiple scales can help build food-energy-water resilience. The AgriVoltaics World Conference 2024 will be held June 11-13, 2024 in Denver, CO, USA.

The AgriVoltaics World Conference will provide high-level scientific exchange and great networking opportunities for researchers from PV and agriculture (including biology and hydrology) and those working "in between"; companies such as PV module, mounting system and tracker manufacturers, EPC companies, renewable energy producers, as well as those providing agricultural machinery equipment and seed producers; organic farming associations, agricultural federations and similar stakeholder groups; and policy and finance experts open to innovative and forward-looking ideas!

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Agrivoltaics Student Design Competition

The AgriVoltaics World Conference 2024 Student Design Competition is designed to spark student creativity and encourage holistic thinking in the area of energy integration in both rural and urban landscapes. This competition serves as a platform for students to create innovative agrivoltaic design concepts that offer solutions to community sustainability challenges within the complex interplay of food, energy and water. Ultimately, participants in this competition will strive to design a compelling agrivoltaic solution tailored to one of three sites in Colorado, USA.

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AgriVoltaics World Conference 2022 Proceedings

We are pleased to announce that the proceedings of the AgriVoltaics World Conference 2022 have been published and are now available online at TIB Open Publishing.

AgriVoltaics World Conference 2022 Proceedings

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Contact person

Contact person

Alma Kantor

Project Manager, Conexio-PSE GmbH

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• March 2024

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• June 11-13, 2024AgriVoltaics World Conference 2024