AgriVoltaics World Conference

Instructions for Roundtable Presentations

As the AgriVoltaics World Conference 2024 approaches, we would like to provide you with some guidance on how to prepare for your roundtable presentation.

The conference will be held in a hybrid format, and the roundtables will be streamed live to online participants. However, all speakers must attend the conference and present on-site. An online presentation is not possible.

The conference chairs will contact you at a later date with more information about the content of your roundtable.


Check your presentation time and schedule:

  • Check the detailed program to find your session and presentation slot. All times are shown in local time.
  • Each roundtable presentation will consist of approximately 3-5 minutes of presentation time. Please be sure to adhere strictly to this time limit. The presentations will be followed by a lively discussion with panelists and the audience


Presentation upload:

  • All roundtable presentations should be uploaded in advance by June 4 to the Fourwaves platform in PPTX as well as PDFformats. After the conference, the PDF version of the presentation will be made available to conference participants in the password-protected Fourwaves internal area, if the presenter or the author have given their consent on Fourwaves.
  • When uploading your presentation to Fourwaves, please also upload a short bio/introductory text (2-3 sentences) in the appropriate text box so that the roundtable moderator can introduce you before your presentation.
  • To upload the files, please go to your submission page on the Fourwaves Dashboard, select your submission, then click “Edit Submission” on the right, and upload the files in the appropriate section (Presentation Upload). Once you are finished, remember to save the form. Please do not make any other changes to your submission form except for the Presentation Upload section and the submission authors contact information, or your submission may become invalid.

Alternatively, you may upload your presentation at the Media Upload desk on-site at the conference. We strongly advise uploading your presentation in advance to avoid queues and potential setbacks. However, we recommend presenters to approach the Media Upload desk, when time allows, to double-check that the presentation has been uploaded correctly

Detailed Instructions for roundtable presentations

Formatting instructions:

  • Presentations in PPT format, PPTX format, and PDF format will be accepted. If you created your presentation in Apple PPT, please test it on a Windows PC to make sure that it displays correctly.
  • Avoid any external links in your presentation. The presentation computers will not have an internet connection.
  • Non-standard fonts should be embedded.
  • All pictures and graphs must be embedded without links.
  • In our experience, video clips often cause problems. If you plan to use video clips in your presentation, please check them on the computers at the Media Upload Desk when you submit your presentation.

Presentation upload at the conference:

  • If you have not uploaded your presentation to Fourwaves in advance, please hand in your presentation at the Media Upload desk at least two hours before the beginning of your session.
  • You will not be able to display your presentation directly from your laptop computer or memory stick.

Additional Instructions:

  • Please make sure that your presentation and memory stick do not contain computer malware of any kind. If you hand in an infected memory stick, you will be asked to return with a malware-free memory stick.
  • Please meet the roundtable moderators inside the conference room at least 10 minutes prior to the beginning of your session and familiarize yourself with the technical equipment.
  • If you do not upload your presentation in advance, please seek out your roundtable moderator at the conference and hand them your bio / introductory text at least one hour before the beginning of your roundtable.


Presenter Registration Deadline:

If they haven’t done so yet, please make sure that the presenter of your submission has registered for the conference by May 14. If no author or co-author are registered by May 14, the presentation will be removed from the program.


Paper submission for the conference proceedings:

You are invited to submit a full paper (5-8 pages) for publication in the AgriVoltaics World Conference 2024 Proceedings. However, this is not mandatory. Please note that only papers presented at the conference will be considered for publication in the proceedings. The paper template, which also serves as a guideline, can be downloaded here. The papers must be submitted by Friday, June 14, 2024. To submit your paper and for additional information please click here.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info(at)