AgriVoltaics World Conference

Publishing Agreement for Online Presenters

AgriVoltaics2023 is an international conference and we are excited to welcome attendees from all over the world. AgriVoltaics 2023 will be held as an hybrid event with some participants attending on-site in Daegu and others attending online. 

Unfortunately, however, not all online-participants will be able to attend all sessions live due to the differing time zones.


Therefore, we will provide all presentations on-demand for streaming on the conference platform once the live conference is over. For this, we need your consent.


Please let us know if you agree with publishing the recording of your presentation by clicking on the respective link below.

>> YES, I agree to have the video recording of my presentation published on-demand

>> NO, please do not publish the video of my talk

The videos will only be available for streaming for registered participants in a password secured area. They cannot be downloaded.

Please note that the conference organizer cannot guarantee that no pirated copy, screenshots or the like will be made.